H i a t u s~
ᴘʀᴀᴄᴛɪᴄᴇ [Closed RP with @Mi-kuo]



 ” GACK! “

The small blonde jolted up in her seat, arms awry; for she was tilting her chair and nearly fell back, she rather not embarrass her self any further tonight. Turning herself to the teal haired boy, slightly relieved that he’s not well dead, she sighed a sigh of relief; standing up from the chair turning to Mikuo, an annoyed expression displayed on her face temporarily; she was going to defend electric guitars everywhere from the bassist threat. But she had to be cool about it, eye brows lowered into a bored position, pretending to yawn slightly at the start- still as she normally always does though; she stutters at the beginning. 


  “ B-bass is lame, electric guitar gets you all the cred man. Where have you been? did you beat those guys up or somethin?! “ 

Her last few words slightly fumbled, she was relieved to know that she had not caused an indirect murder tonight; arms crossed and appearing quite defensive. Her comeback from the electrical guitar retort made her feel quite proud. 

Another sigh was released. This girl totally disregarded his question and decided to go for this instead and even inquired about her self thoughts. Just as he was to reply, Enon stood up and pointed his index finger accusingly at him.

{ “The lass has spoken! It’s waaay better than the base. Don’t you even dare to retort against me; your senior~!” }

[ “Abusing your rank, En. The drums are more hyped than both though.” ]
Since when did Dee bother to join in? This is getting ridiculous.

"I was not proving anything about my bass. You do know that it’s not the only instrument I play— favoritism doesn’t have any effect.” Swiveling his attention back to Rin, he tried to ignore the little debate his older band-mates were going on about. “As for those people, no, I did not fight them or whatsoever methods aside from leading them astray. Now, back to my question this time—”

[ “How about introducing this little miss and a promised explanation first, Mikuo?” ]
                 { “Ah! Hey, DEE! You’re totally ignoring me on purpose!” }

He straightened his posture at this and broke his brief eye contact with the blonde. “She’s an acquaintance.”
{ “That’s the exact same words you said to me— still without any other info.” }

"Well, she’s got the ability to speak for not only her identity, but the reason why she’s here in the first place. Right, pancakes?"

{ “Huh? ‘Pancakes’ ? Aren’y you ‘Rinny’ ? }
                                 [ “Pipe down for a sec, En.” ]

Of course this calling was no slip of the tongue.

; A questionnaire for role players

  • how long have you role played for:Five Years
  • your first rp genre:A sorry excuse of Psychological
  • first character’s name: Hatsune Mikuo
  • first character’s face claim:Duh. Look above~
  • first character’s species: Semi-android
  • last character’s name: Shin / Asxuz
  • last character’s face claim: NONE. I drew him~
  • last character’s species: Demon~
  • do you prefer tumblr or forums:TUMBLR plz

  • have you roleplayed with someone you know irl: Not yet QuQ
  • what is your favourite genre of rp:I kinda like Horror~
  • what is your least favourite genre of rp: I dunno. I’m fine with everythin ??

  • if you could change one thing about the rp community, what would it be: The follow system I guess… if I put an explanation it’ll never be a ‘summary’ XD

  • how long has a plot lasted for you: 172 notes
  • are you open for plotting:OF COURSE~
  • do you have any restrictions when it comes to plots: As long as it’s possible in the dimension they’re in.

  • what fc are you craving to play as of late:M2M
c ч c l є ?


        ✜ ||  It’s all new to her, these makeshift dialogue and greetings; yet, even she can discern the prestige timbre that addresses her. Alas, beryl eyes stubbornly decline the generic eye to eye contact and instead, fixate on the screen of her PSP. Mashing her fingers away, she briefly overlooks the male’s statement as she enters the final boss battle. Concentration was imperative, after all. 


"Isn’t it customary for the inquirer to introduce themselves first?" She retorts with firm words as the term WINNER flickers on screen; despite not bearing any ill sentiments towards him, her words are hollow and reflect the irony of manners. 


Said subject displayed zero signs of being the pursuer.
    Moreover, said subject somehow willed the situation to place him on that spot instead despite having little of the objective to do so.

But that recognized  tone of speech ;
      reminded him of a similarity from the past.

"My apologies, since I had not established some facts back then. But now that your statement assisted me, I take it that, in spite of me knowing just your name, we are complete strangers to one another.” Apathy came in instinctively next. “And seeing that you’re probably not listening because of that gaming console, then maybe it’s best toleave.”

Fill this with your muse’s information

: Mikuo
Gender: Male
Age:16 [Permanent] ; 5 [Existence]
Parents: NONE ; Just a Master
Love interest: … If I say anythin he’ll cross it out. See? He crossed it out.
Hobbies: Exploring DORA-DORA-DORA
Positive personality trait: A helpful listener
Negative personality trait: hAh. So many buried deep.
Weapon of choice: Anything that deems fit for the offender. Words are no exception.

Weak or strong physically: Strong.
Weak or strong mentally: Both
Selfish or selfless: Both.
Something my muse is good at: Haha~  slipping away ; the base and acoustics.

Something my muse is bad at: Handling his past.
Why my muse is well-thought-of?: Gee I dunno.. from what I gather, he’s really like the dependable brotherly type , sweet and civil.
Why muse is detested?: Such a strong word ; that side of him is yet to be triggered winks-winks
Good memory: Days of discovery.
Bad memory: Leaving a certain place.
Optimist, pessimist, realist, cynical:  Alternatively all.

ᴘʀᴀᴄᴛɪᴄᴇ [Closed RP with @Mi-kuo]



  ” It sure is- it’s delicious, thank you again! “ 

A soft laugh escaped her lips, pressing them again to the cup, drinking the last few drops of the bitter drink. The warm sensation of the drink began to fade as the last drops poured down her throat; then putting the cup down for the last time as she sighed happily. 


  “ Eto…yeah I know how to play- I’ve been playing for about a year now, but they don’t let me play it on stage; where I work that is. They say i’m not as good as the band they hire. 
But if I’m at least decent then it’d be cheaper for them just to pay me a little extra for preforming a- thing- by myself! ”  

She mouthed a small curse under her breath, her patience was dwindling for CRYPTON; the company did bring her to a safer place and introduced her to many new people. However it was still an annoyance to sit around and sing once or twice, and be told repeatedly she is doing it all wrong. Her fingers drumming on the table; she grunted slightly and listened closely on the man’s words. 
It was a bit of deja vu in a way, a organised band with the different personality band mates; it seemed pretty interesting, a small desire lingered in her thoughts, she wanted to sit in on the bands playing, if she could.


 ” I know how Mikuo feels! This area is super cool to explore around! I found a waterfall quite far from the local parks path, it made me feel so cool! Ah but- I would love to meet them! And to hear you guys play! If I’m allowed too…

Okay ;
      he’s here. All that’s left is to open this door, casually walk in and head to the table area. Who knows? Maybe they won’t even ask him anything because they’re busy for the preparations. In fact that would be really aweso—

| “Hmn? Mikuo? I thought you were with En at the front.. |

  He spoke too soon.
The interviewer coincidentally had opened said door before he could even raise an arm to grasp it’s handle. He bit back a groan at this twenty-three year old senior whom was holding a cigar in his other hand and  decided to raise a question instead. “You up for a smoke?”

Ivory irises blinked and golden tufts swayed with his motion of a head tilt., | “Well yeah. | Cue, the suspicion. | “How ‘bout you? What’re you doing outside?” |
He wondered for a moment what would’ve happened if he just ignored Dee and walked straight inside. He is his partner in rhythm— first friend in the cafe and the oldest of the band— there was no way he could mask the incident up with a lie with him.

Mikuo sighed. “I am not skipping, trust me. Also, this situation would be best explained if go back in and head to the tables.”

◽ ◾ ◽ ◾ ◽ ◾ ◽ ◾ ◽ ◾ ◽ ◾

"A year, huh." He closes his eyes and nods but stops when he heard that certain disablement. "Whaaat? You have a guitar, practiced long enough yet you’re not allowed to play even a short cuz of some slightly better band?" Linking his hands at the back of his head he droned, "If you have talent then demand for it to be heard, Rinny." Acknowledgement then came to him and he looked at her with a questioning smile,  "You serious— a watererfall? And hey, it’s no problem for me at all if you wanna hear us play~"  Leaning in at the table, he propped his head up with his hand— the other over his chest. "Electric guitars are really powerful instruments, as I was saying, it’s supposed to be heard cuz—"

"It’s extremely LOUD and HIGH-strung, just like you, but if not plugged— well, little does it do." Mikuo deadpanned whilst ambling towards their table, behind him his senior chuckled at the look Enon gave off when he was cut off. He regarded Rin as he arrived and pointed at En. "So what sort of  nonsensical stuff did he talk about?"

ᴘʀᴀᴄᴛɪᴄᴇ [Closed RP with @Mi-kuo]



No one should do stuff for me…it’s normally always at risk of themselves…” 

A slightly irate tone, hollow words filled the small space between the two, head low as she contemplated her past. Dark and twisted, the things someone has done just to see her well; it sickened her, she wanted no more of people defending her or helping, that’s why she lies about her feelings. But it’s okay cause those lies only hurt me. 

Eumelia, a pretty name for a small cafe far reach of street lights, the place had a cozy feel to it; it made the small blonde feel welcome. Taking another sip of her coffee, still as bitter as the last sip, but a tad bit colder- still as satisfying as the first sip though.


 A music cafe?!! Wowie!! Sounds divine!” 

It certainly explain why she herd the sound of a low tone bass, a music cafe… the idea wrapped around the mind- it seemed like the perfect job! Especially for someone who waitresses and sings- like her, she had to mildly restrain herself to ask if there was an opening- at least hearing the music the band produced would be enough to make her work here.

The question that the man posed was, strange to her, a bad aura; well it was not like the girl had never encountered a cherished a place with a bad aura that she wished to drive out because she loved it- it was home.


 ” Of course, my old home with my family in it, the bad aura lingering from the pain of both my mother and me- I wanted to drive it away; be in a happy normal home. But sometimes there are things that one can’t do no matter what…no matter how much you try, or time you put into it. Some auras are permanent. 

But my home was a hopeless cause, other places are surely savable from negative auras that are needed to be driven out…!”

Methods to escape this trap were always limited and nearly impossible if you will it. He hoped that efforts of jumping gates, sneaking into buildings and asking favors did just the right recipe for this ‘will’ to work.

“Best of luck, then.”
                                                        Good thing it did.

Sights that were previously locked on the targets confused and rioting silhouettes from afar had rekindled and been put behind. His thoughts were now facing other worries at the fact that he left those two together. On the first note, En might be blurting out tons of unnecessary things and that Rin might end up believing even the lies of it. Two, the hour’s almost up, — Eumelia will open soon and that he’s not supposed to pass at the entrance, increasing the probability of this question: ‘Where have you been?’ from the staff in the back. He could lie, of course, but considering his previous antics of skipping work, chances of them believing it were definitely low; add Enon to the picture then the more disbelieving it will sound.

Better be quick.

◽ ◾ ◽ ◾ ◽ ◾ ◽ ◾ ◽ ◾ ◽ ◾

A negative type of past.
   Better not indulge any further there.

She is a customer, after all.
          And Eumelia’s the place where one relaxes and enjoy.

True . So that’s what he’s trying to do. Drive ‘em out. ” Grabbing his cup, he chugged the last bits of the coffee and lashed yet another grin with a satisfied sigh. “A drink’s more delicious if you’re not paying for it, am I right? How’s yours? Anyway—  I take it that you know how to play the EG..” He leaned back and pointed at himself with his thumb, smugness written all over his face. “I’m the lead guitar in this cafe. It’s almost all the same as my other jobs. But the one here’s my favorite. Night’s the most active time of the date for me., y’know.” He paused. “I can’t say the same for the other guys though. Joe lives pretty far so constant commuting from there to the city proper tires him out. Ah, he’s the keyboard by the way. Hmn.. Dee’s… not saying anythin bout the sched— pretty mature if you ask me,— he’s the drums— ” His brows instinctively crinkled at the next. ” And Mikuo actually skips at times, doing his DORA the explorer stuff, which is really a hassle since he’s the base in our band.” He huffed.

"So that’s them— maybe later you could meet those dudes— unless, you don’t want to?"