Sometimes, simple questions lead to a conversation and of course, interaction. Please, don’t be one of those times. 

Lily mentally begged to god, looking at the male next to her; What was his name? Mikyo…Mikuo? Not a very important name to remember. Hopefully, the first and last time they are going to speak.

"A pencil?" People should have their own materials, why bother someone for their mistakes of not bringing a pencil? ”Yeah…”


With a sigh, her slender fingers digged and looked for a free pen, her blue pen. “Here, give it back…Please.”☪

  He was out of lead. Why didn’t he remember to buy an extra packet during his trip to the mall yesterday? Now he had to use the socially bothersome ‘can I borrow a pen’ starter and he needed to do it quick or else the last two items on his paper would be left unanswered when the time’s up.

It seems that the person to his right was rather busy scribbling while the other on his left was somewhat neutral and casual enough for a chance to acquire results from. So, he went for the latter.

"Uh, yeah. Thanks." Mikuo received the material and finished up in a matter of seconds just before the bell rang. Sheets were passed and students filed out. He was getting ready to do the same when the thought of the blue pen crossed his mind. Glancing to his left, he found it empty thus his eyes wondered to the door. The person was leaving.

He needed to call that person….er.. who was she again?

       Leave it to him for remembering faces but not names. Bravo.
Was it.. Lily? He vaguely remembers though that her name was a flower and her surname was a lost cause in his mind.. therefore.. he tested the first.

"Miss Lily. [?] "

↪ ☕ ://



It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear this kind of tone. The incredulity had long gone because of the frequent encounters he had with a few very notable distinct personalities from the past. So instead of feeling the epiphany, shouldn’t it be more on the… let’s say, nostalgic side of things? 

                          Well, he decided to go for that.

         And since she sure is taking it in easy, he moved to do just the same.
            Also, it was one way to distract himself.

“It’s nice to see you acceptin’ it, then.”

“Anything else you noticed aside from the ‘fuckin’ obvious, Miss Miku?”

A subtle hint of folly arched up the corners of his lips.
         She may be a smart girl that in any moment, the seven letter word would soon be invoiced. That’s why, he made sure if it ever came to it, he would have already passed the point of caring for the cat that voluntarily got out of the bag.

Aquamarine eyes scanned once more, gazing upon the darkened figure of the boy with her face who even though was different yet the same, again, her mind went blank once more at the thought of something she was missing, how could she forget herself?
Digits traced around the open skin that was her neck, ice cold upon gentle touch of slightly warm fingers that still held a rose colour to them, warm mixed with cold and skin upon skin made her hairs stand on ends. Still drawing a blank, mind became slightly scattered by the conflicting temperature of her body, not as small but still as frail as it was oh so many years ago, at the age of fifteen. 
                                                — she was shit at guessing games.


 Noope, no clue, maybe yer’ wearing the same outfit as me…would be a ‘lil strange since I’m wearing a dress under this huge coat. But uh I don’t judge.

As much as.. yes, unexpected the idea is, he found himself actually laughing as peculiar relief washed over even though he had already steeled himself for the truth.

       However, would he still bother to hide the cat once more ?

“Highly impossible as you can see, Miss.” He leaned, felt the cold surface of the bench spreading across his back and stretched slightly before rubbing his palms on his lap for a friction of unwanted warmth. “Unlike you, I’m not wearing a coat.”

          There’s nothing to conceal.

Mikuo took the coffee cup beside him and grasped its circumference. Heat further battling  the inclemency his hands withheld.

俺達一卵性双生児か? || mi-kuo


       Thinking about unnecessary things really wasn’t a good idea for him. Whenever he would start over-thinking about something, well, he would hardly ever stop.

       What he didn’t really notice was that he was almost staring at the person who looked the same as him. And when he did notice it, it was already late. The person was already looking back at him.

              'Oh, that's really cool, Mikuo, now he's looking at you and probably thinking you're weird!'

       His mind doesn’t help sometimes, but this time, it was right. He was really weird sometimes.

       Walking up to the stranger, Mikuo gave him an apologetic smile and shrugged slightly.


       "H-Hey, sorry for… looking at you way too much. I just thought that you looked like me."

              'Exactly like me…'

       Sighing, the tealette smiled up to the other and rubbed the back of his head.

       "I-I’m Mikuo, though. Nice to meet you."

       Was he being weird again? Probably, yes. It’s not everyday that someone comes up to you and says some nonsense like that. But he couldn’t help it. Mikuo felt like he needed to apologize.

His mind, for a moment ,went literally blank.
    It was when the other moved to cross the distance the two of them had that finally re-run the circuit again. He was walking up to him and he on the hand just stood there —still somewhat stunned of what was actually happening. It was like staring into a mirror yet the refelection had a different choice of clothing and voice.



         So that was what he sounds like, huh.

Though, his was more realistic and lacked the key feature of hinting to ever be robotic. A spark of fascination surged up right then and was accompanied by the quick realization of this similar yet different being in front of him.

A human.
     Sure he witnessed other androids having this counterpart but it was more on the major ones like the virtual diva.— but this… this was something else. This was a human him. Further proof showed itself when said human gave out his intro.

Mikuo, he says.
   Teal optics gazed.

And without warning placed both palms onto the other’s cheeks…
                - —- and squeezed.

逃げて!走れ!命を守って!|HALLOWEEN AU |


       Len’s always loved adventures.
          ( You could almost say he was addicted to thrilling experiences. )
       Taking ridiculous bets, pranking the most dangerous people, trying different and potentially life-threatening sports, saying risky things that could make everything go wrong—
       Those things were part of his day-to-day life.

                                        But sometimes, he enjoyed trips like those.

Specially in October 31.

                               Maybe there really was something dangerous about that date.
                               But that just made everything more exciting.
                               What if they actually found something in that farm?
                               All they’d have to do was run, probably.

Well, maybe it’d been a little selfish to take someone else with him, but he wasn’t crazy enough to go alone.

Besides, that was the first time he’d actually been in a place that was supposed to be haunted.

               During the past years all he did was enter some creepy looking abandoned homes.
               Until he found out one of them wasn’t actually abandoned and he was almost arrested.
                That was when his October activities entered a short hiatus.

                                                           Until that year, of course.

Upon hearing the legend of the so-called Pigman Road, he felt shivers down his spine.
Was it real?
Where was it?
How to get there?

             There was no way better to convince a Kagamine to go anywhere than using the words ‘dare’ and ‘brave enough to enter’.
              Specially if the subject being discussed was actually a abandoned farm full of mystery and really creepy stuff.
              Going there wouldn’t be like entering a horror movie?

And as the main characters, they’d absolutely survive in the end. Specially if you consider the blonde’s good luck.

           He silently sang alone with the radio, looking outside and seeing only darkness.
           The small part of him that was slightly rational was questioning his sanity.
           But of course he didn’t listen to it, instead imagining what would happen later.

                                Man, his heart was really beating fast.
                                He almost couldn’t stand to wait anymore!
                                And he was so distracted he almost didn’t hear the tealet’s remark.
                                He grinned at him.

                   「C’mon, ya know it’ll be fun!」
                                   「B’sides, we can go back if yer too scared.」

He didn’t mean any harm with the taunt.
Maybe just convince the tealet to go with him.


Was it real?
    Ch-yeah like the corpses in old articles weren’t true enough.
Where was it?
       An information I knew of but never bothered to head to.
             » How to get there?—
                       Apparently, was executed with the use a car and sadly, it was HIS.

“You didn’t answer my question. Moreover, taunt me all you want but if this act ends us up in prison for trespassing on a PRIVATE property..” He hardened his gaze at him before returning its views on the road. “..I’ll ignore you for the rest of my life.”

It was supposed to be ‘hate’ but he really can’t say that with half a heart.

His first encounter with this blond was five years ago and despite his mother’s encouragement to go be acquainted with the new ‘city neighbors’, he had purposely put it off for weeks. Besides, he had more important things to do. But, he did know they had a kid the same age that would also be going to his school once the break’s over.

His impression of guy was that of him being rather… impulsive.
  [ Not that it’s any different today. ]
           Really. A fifth-grader midget pulling the closest person he could reach (a.k.a an annoyed tealette who was trying to get past the noisy scene) as a partner and challenging the much larger sixth grade baseball player to a match just because of some measly claim on the reservation for limited tarts of the cafeteria’s dessert week was something completely & utterly..


- ——Yet memorable ; somewhat.
   It was the root of all things that involved Kagamine Len’s stay in town.
       A year was enough. His dad found work again and decided to move back to the city. Now the duo did not have  one of those goodbyes like in movies where you hug and cry and say some ridiculous sappy lines—instead, one comment served as an accidental trigger to childish insults, complains, debates and whatnot that continued all the way down to the departing car.

  The true farewell lay on the last two lines they exchanged.
[ ‘Seriously. Don’t be an idiot, Mikuo.’ ] Teal met blue with a partnered grin.
          “More like, I should be the one tellin’ you that.”

Forthwith to the present, their family returned.
      Things happened and they both had gone to that bonfire party. In all likehood, the moment they started talking about said legends, Mikuo had obviously seen a spark— a tinge— a shift in the blond’s mood— especially when they arrived in their town’s number one tall tale.

Come to think of it, we never really had  a chance to share stories like these when we were kids but Len’s not gonna let it get to his head now will he?


Oh how wrong he was.
            He should’ve known  that the innocent suggestion of doing something for Halloween was THIS.

They’ve been driving for an thirty minutes and there was still no sign of the forest path ending. He wondered what would happen if his parents came back from their business trip unexpectedly only to find an empty house with nothing but a hound guarding it. Sure,  he turned all security locks but the front only had but ol’ Leo that was a really heavy sleeper.

"Hey, are you sure you notified your folks ‘bout this?”

↪ ☕ ://


A moment or a minute, a second or an hour; time was not lost but her train of thought was— similar,voice did not register as familiar or similar or much to be frank, of course facial features were somewhat identical to that of the girls, only similar in the facial regions. Ivory skin was synthetic but damn close to her own; orbs still held a light of some sort but that could probably be the thousands of wires linked to the back. 
                                                   and of course. Emotions. well they are different—-
He was a direct copy of her, apparently, similar appearance and vocal range as her, chords, even though processed and robotic still strummed and hummed in tune like a humans would— if she were stupid she wouldn’t be able to tell him apart. One fatal flaw was that there isn’t a HUMAN Mikuo.
                at least, not that she knew of.
Her humanity was one thing no one could take away from her, not by force or bargaining; fickle minded and bitchy as hell that’s who she was. She wouldn’t change herself, not any more. 

                                            Single digit wrapped around loose locks that 
                                                 frame ivory features, eyes fluttered shut, 
                                                      hiding eyes of pigmented aquamarine
she was processing something—- 
       She was gonna try and be
                                               logical about this. 


 Hm- Well the fuckin’ obvious being you’re me in a sense…
                                          why ask

Curiosity killed the cat, and curiosity seemed to linger around the diva like a parasite, poking thin nose into business not claimed to be hers; snickering behind backs of those they called friendspain and sicknessall of it, rumours and odd suspicions whispered into others ear but still loud enough that `twenty-twenty` hearing could still pick up the cruel words.                                              Even the grin they bared as they pointed was so-oo cliché. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear this kind of tone. The incredulity had long gone because of the frequent encounters he had with a few very notable distinct personalities from the past. So instead of feeling the epiphany, shouldn’t it be more on the… let’s say, nostalgic side of things?

                          Well, he decided to go for that.

         And since she sure is taking it in easy, he moved to do just the same.
            Also, it was one way to distract himself.

“It’s nice to see you acceptin’ it, then.”

“Anything else you noticed aside from the ‘fuckin’ obvious, Miss Miku?”

A subtle hint of folly arched up the corners of his lips.
         She may be a smart girl that in any moment, the seven letter word would soon be invoiced. That’s why, he made sure if it ever came to it, he would have already passed the point of caring for the cat that voluntarily got out of the bag.

俺達一卵性双生児か? || mi-kuo


       It was silent. Staying without the presence of a rather loud Miku or loud twins is really hard.

       Mikuo did like some private time, or silence moments, but he didn’t like the fact that he was alone on his house. Everyone was busy with something, so his sister didn’t even stop at their house. It made him feel lonely, somehow.

       Sighing lightly, the Hatsune decided to go out to the street and walk around a bit before returning to his house to read the new books he bought just recently. It was calm and fresh, it always relaxed him. Outside of his home was nice, specially when it wasn’t too hot or too cold.

       Walking down the streets, Mikuo stopped by at a bakery to buy a piece of a shortcake. Sadly, there wasn’t a shortcake of negi, yet. Or he haven’t found it. After purchasing, he went outside to keep going on with his little walk, but on his way, something caught his eyes.

       A shade of teal, similar to his hair color was just passing by. He thought it was Miku, but it wasn’t. That person didn’t have long pigtails. It was just as short as his hair.


              'Could it be… no, I'm imagining things again.'

       A slight glance to the stranger again and he saw that that person was really similar to himself. His face, it was almost identical to his own. Maybe it was similar, but that wasn’t the case.

              'Just who is he?'

“It must be ‘round here then.”

          He folded and tucked the piece of paper inside his pocket and scanned the rows of shops by his left. Teal optics probed— glued at that direction as he sauntered down the path and casually evaded a trio of kids that were conducting a mini race of their own. The biggest one lagged behind to apologize, despite not bumping into him, before catching up with the other two and humbly apologizing again at the next person they almost rammed into this time. Distracted, he halted his steps and had his gaze linger on them for moments.

The thought was one of the many things he already pondered about.


         Since being an android had such a fate of having many advancements yet lacking in many aspects, the subject of this period in life were still somewhat of a mystery to him. He saw young humans everyday for six years—in the park, shopping districts, transports—and witnessed countless familiar faces of outgrow this sense of age. The once ten year-olds playing tag or hide&seek became full-fledged sixteeners which occupied themselves with other entirely different things. There was a time where he, himself, wanted to experience it but after what really happened, he labelled this wish among the selfish list.

He directed his focus back on the job—or rather, the favor.

An hour ago, his boss called upon a meet-up in front of Eumelia but did NOT actually come and had one of the kitchen staff relay the message instead.
    Scribbled messily on the piece he delivered were the words:

[ Mikuo, I need you to check out a certain spot for me. Apparently it’s new and I heard their pricing is really affordable. It changes by time of day though so after you read this, head straight there, sit in, order something, prove the place’s quality and critic it when you also report back tonight. Here’s the name and address: ]

           ‘Also’ —was hint that he isn’t in this alone and guessed that the others just had a different time slot. But seriously, the last note was not necessary.

[ I believe you know the street already from your experience in skippin’ work, you rebel. A map inside the backpack won’t be needed. P.S You could buy a phone too, y’know. This would be a lot easier if I just e-mailed you—not write. ]

He sighed and continued his search but as he stepped to turn, his eyes ghosted over another figure just across the small avenue of his trek.

         Funny how it almost looked like he had twin—-

An evident pause.

      Slowly, he fixated a curious look upon similar optics that already had its views on him, yet his own widened in silent surprise.

↪ ☕ ://



 Bingo, just drink up- I got an extra drink so I thought, why not be my old self for a moment and give to the needy.

A cold, hollow chuckle escaped frozen lips; her voice never helped what remained of her femininity, her high tone was still somewhat there but— so much has changed since it all began, of course her voice got tired so reverting to lower pitch helped strained vocals recover, to screech once more in empty room with suspended microphone that echoed her voice to someone she did not recognize behind glass screen.
The time greatly known as dusk began to fall upon the area, orange and blues and purples all mixed together in the one big open sky, a sickening colour orange was ,to dare add itself to the cool colours of the night sky, she hated orange; cold chill once again hit upon open skin area, hairs stood on ends as goosebumps formed on gentle porcelain skin.
                                                                         —- I’m kidding by the way…

Vocals vibrated once more to form the sound
into words, into a sentence— picking up the
cup that stored within it the sun itself, roasting and
boiling at the very touch but somewhat pleasant
Taking another sip; hot liquid rushed down to warm
and heal the body that she claimed, a sigh that emitted
smoke and not the bad type either—cold air or warm breath.
Either one.

                  Androids didn’t feel the cold, that she knew, do they drink?these questions she would never ask.
                                                                          Unless intoxicated by “devils nectar”.

Aquamarine eyes scanned the boy once more, lips curled up when he so kindly thanked her; it felt good to be good but only to people she could trust, and hell why wouldn’t she trust herself? Her polar opposite. 
                                                                 But being asked if she was A Miku—- 

No problem,

Leave it up to him to almost ignore her words after his own question.
      He blinked when her voice disrupted his thoughts and slowly, he took another peek.

No doubt, she is Hatsune Miku.
But not the ‘Miku’ he knew of.
Not the ‘Miku’ he met in various instances in the past.
Not the ‘Miku’ he was copied from.

 She is a completely diverse entity,
      One that breathes feels and live in a whole other point of view from him.
             Just like how they do, in that place…
                 And like how that person does too.
It’s [they’re] - —something unreachable.

                                     She’s [they’re] H U M A N.

His shoulders tensed when a familiar sound reverberated inside his head.
                                         A glitch?

A highly possible reason for it though was because of yet another unresolved conflict accompanied by these types of negative data eating away at him.

                                     “Tsk—. “

                           He needs to lock this up.

[ Save it for later. ]

      Composing himself, Mikuo then noted that the other never really answered his last inquiry and after a millisecond of realizing that it was wrong to point it out in the first place, he straightened and quickly apologized for the offense.
        “About that uh.. thing I said. Sorry. It’s just that I see many profiles that resemble yours.”
         Actually. Not just ‘resemble’ but are technically ‘her’ just.. different?

“Come to think of it, take me for instance. See anything similar?”

|| ☾ ||


            She laughed. This man was certainly amusing.


            “While I am certain I can take care of myself and ensure the shame of anyone who thinks otherwise, if I fail, my dearest can come and consume them if he so wishes,” she said with a wave of her hand as if it would never have to come to that. Simply because it wouldn’t.

            She tilted her head to the side and crossed her arms over her chest, making it look like she was offended by the mere thought of needing to watch out. If something got out of hand, it would be blood on her hands after all. There was simply no problem there.

            “Unless you’re speaking of the demons and monsters I mentioned, because I’m not describing human thugs that way. Come now, you must have given some thought to something in the shadows? Those wonderful or terrifying stories of old? Not all of them are pure fiction, are they?”

            She then giggled and shook her head, flicking a ponytail over her shoulder. “Demon cats, dream-eaters, dragons, ghosts. Some of them have to be real, right?”

He blinked.

     Is it just him or was that rather large jump away from the first exchange of normalcy they had just seconds ago. [?]
            The tealette chanced upon another guess that this woman was.. well, if not for the casual clean clothing and that confident stance— he would’ve guessed that she was part of the confused deranged loiterers that from past walking-home-from-the-cafe experiences, were a bit difficult to handle.

But since he garnered a similar piece of information that belonged to the group of, they say, ‘other-worldly’ creatures, Mikuo stood firm and decided to test it out.

He crossed his arms and looked down as if in thought before focusing on her with a small unreadable smile, “Are they now? Sadly, I have not encountered them at all. So are they truly real?”