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ᗷOᔕᔕ ᖇIᑎ:

"Uh—huh… A roll of eyes,
                                       ”..whatever then.” 

She can tell that the genuine smile reflects the honesty he holds
making her want to squint her eyes just a bit,
but instead a smile is placed…until, 

                               ”…Also a Rin Kagamine !?
                                              Excuse you ! “
A vein pops on her forehead at the understatement of the question, eyes flashing like real flames about to explode …

                                — how dare he!

                                          — A finger pointed at the guilty. 

"I’ll have you known I am the,
                                            Rin Kagamine !” 

                                                         wow dude, that was kinda’ low.


In totality,
    it took three ticks for an actual response.

Because, first— well, excuse him indeed for his ignorance of the topic that had offended her … somewhat.
Second, being the subject at the end of finger-pointed accusations [if this is called one] certainly did not happen everyday that he desisted to cultivate a grin that might embroider any further false suspicions.

It was at the third where an apology was finally invoiced.

"Right. I’m sorry."

"So what business does the Rin Kagamine have here, then?”

1. What’s your name?

Call me GREAT DUCHESS Hi~ I’m Youna

2. When is your birthday?

Lucky 7 OF January~

3. Where are you from?

Chocolate Frappe Island

4. Have a crush?

Psh. Wuzzat? Ummmmm… YeaIthink

5. What’s your favorite color?

Cyan and Teal

6. Write something in caps?


7. Got a favorite band/artist?

To name two: Daughtry and Maroon5

8. Favorite number?

Sadly I don’t have. Buhuu, lame

9. Favorite drink?

Why, CHOCOLATE of course~ Water is important too~ lol

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ᴘʀᴀᴄᴛɪᴄᴇ [Closed RP with @Mi-kuo]



Y-yeah…It’d be cool.” 

She tried not to raise her voice, still soft among the silence, who knows what would happen if she got caught? It seemed all so pleasant until she was being rushed to here and there to escape any trouble she could get into; bringing herself up to speed slowly as it all seemed to happen so fast, flashing movements and before she knew it she was safe. 
A singular small sigh fell from her lips, those lips that once tasted the brittle but somehow delicious taste of coffee; when she calmly sipped it as she felt herself melting under the steam, into the chair that supported her so comfortably. I really needed that. 

Although, in a strange way, this was somewhat fun; a strange thought, however;  being chased was not fun, it was damn well frightening to feel the gaze of older men upon her, as their eyes pierce her body and examine it with a slight lick of the lips. It was gross, she rather not think about it and be happy their gone so that’s what she planned to doshe found it fun however to stumble upon such a quaint little café that housed a very strange band. 
Running away from “the man”, super stealthily as well, dodging eyes view and safely making it into- well safety; puffing out her chest slightly, a small look of pride dawned onto her features as she folded her arms to go with the “ I’m so cool, just like a hero” look. 
                     This would be the part in the game where
                                             the heroes devise a plan to…crud. 

     ” My guitar…!

A mid-thirties brunette man quipped with a collared viridian shirt furrowed his brows and pointed his clipboard at the two mugs atop the table. | “Who brewed some coffee?” |
Enon raised a careful hand and solidified his tone. { “That would be me, boss.” }
| “Why?” |

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ᴘʀᴀᴄᴛɪᴄᴇ [Closed RP with @Mi-kuo]



" …Y-yeah I do want to watch you guys play…

Furrowed eyebrows, lowering her head so golden locks that once fell out of her clip fell onto her face, red stained on her cheeks as she uttered those words…those words that easily slipped out of slightly parted lips, pale lips that grew dry by the cold breeze that constantly hit her face as she ran.
She would be angry at En, but for a brief moment that only lingered until the truth was spilled- she was happy with her nickname, Rinny, quite cute actually, it rolled off the tongue and made her feel that bit warmer on the inside, of course she was already feeling warm from such kindness and hospitality- the drink did its part too but this was a different feeling of warmth. 

She nodded slightly, not too sure why she did; she was trying to confirm the fact perhaps, the want of watching others play, all she did was watch androids and humans alike- all with the same faces, same people, bored tired looks that told others that this job was not all fun and games, of course singing never is but god damn it’s dull. 

All three stared at her;
 one in neutrality, one in suspicion and
        one with pride for an ally.

{ “Hear that? Told ya’ so.” }
   [ “If she’s a patron, then the only conflict would be for the boss to see her before the cafe’s opening.” ] He glanced at his watch. [ “We have an hour. Let’s wait in the band room—” ]

( “And here I thought for a second that I was the one early tonight. What’s this about ‘having an hour’?” ) A figure stood at the opening towards the backstage. His black tufts spiked up in an unruly semblance  and his arms were crossed in waiting for any of the members of the troupe to answer. The first male to react and greet the fellow was Dee. [ “Joe, you’re here. How was the trip?” ]

And then followed the exuberant Enon, { “I bet you fell asleep on the train again” }
Joe furrowed his brows at the truth and moved to take a look at the fourth unfamiliar character beside Mikuo. He directed a questioning gaze at the tealette that in which the android simply answered, “She’s an acquaintance.”

{ “THAT again?” }
"Because—" He blinked; a sudden thought came to him, then a peek at his watch had confirmed it.
     { “Nevermind. Allow me to relay. Joe, this is Rinny— }[ “You mean ’ R I N ’.” ] Oh. { “Yeah. Kagamine Rin, she’s—”}

"Ah. Allow me to interrupt then but doesn’t the boss head up front in about—let’s say.. thirty seconds from now?”
{ “HUH? Wh—” }
     [ “Come to think of it.. it’s almost seven o-five pm..” ]

The brief quiescence that supervened after Dee’s statement was severed by a distinct echo of a sneeze and footsteps from the direction where Joe had stood. Slight panic arose. “Look how time flies.” In the thrill of mouthing that phrase, he grabbed the female’s left wrist and marched out the entrance— door promptly shut soundlessly just in time for him to apprehend the owner’s voice of interrogating the three band mates. He let go of his hold and motioned her to follow. It was after slipping through the passage towards the backdoor, tip-toeing to avoid notice from anyone in the kitchen staff and shutting the ingress of the empty band room did he finally speak again.

"So you wanna hear us play, huh?"



The tealette’s face went red from embarrassment. It was a simple mistake that she mistaken him for her brother. So there was no real reason to be embarrass yet she is. “S-sorry!” She squeaked, bowing in politeness to the other. “I should probably let you get back to what you were doing…Yeah I’ll stop bothering you now..see ya..” She inched away, waving in an awkward manner. Sometimes its hard to believe she rules a kingdom.


 Miku turned around and took a few steps forward before turning around again to face Mikuo. “Oh… by any chance do you know the way to the cake shop..? I’m sort of lost.”

He waved a dismissing hand and feebly smiled. “It’s alright.” There were times in the past where he also mistook an identity that made him quite abashed so, the least he could do was to reassure this female that her error was long forgotten and everything is completely fine now. Mikuo nodded as the diva waved her goodbye and was about to return to his trek to the music store— when she called out again.

It was like a natural— er, well in this case, an automatic response to stay in place and answer the simple inquiries coming from any CV01.

"Cake shop? Well, there’s quite a few in the area. What’s the name of the one you’re finding?" He then blinked at the remembrance of a small detail. "I believe the closest is about three blocks from this street." He stepped to the side to avoid barracading any passer by and pointed forward. "In that direction. Just keep going straight until you encounter an intersection. Don’t cross though since the only thing left for you to do is take a left from your spot, two shops down is the pastry parlor." He dropped his finger and checked up on her.

"You got that?"


The young Princess wonders around the streets of her kingdom. She’s out on a mission. To find cake….oh and to get some royal duties done as well but she’s mostly interested in cake. You would think that since she rules over this land, she might have a good clue where everything is but Miku is somewhat lost. Keyword: Somewhat. She won’t agree that she is truly lost.

With a huff, she was just about to give up when she saw a familiar colour of teal. That caught her interest and quickly started to find the source of that teal colour. 


The Princess is quite stubborn and doesn’t give up on looking. A few moments later, she finds the culprit. It surprised her at first since she thought she was staring into a mirror only to realize the other is male. Even tho she’s a princess, she is still a Vocaloid. An android. She can kind of sense if the other is the same. Its some complicated programming thing she’s not sure about.


"U-umm.. excuse me.." She lightly tapped the male on his shoulder. "Sorry. I could be confusing you with someone else. But are you my brother? Hatsune Mikuo?" Ever since she’s became a princess, she dropped out being a Vocaloid and hasn’t seen many of the others unless they come to the castle, requesting to be part of her Kingdom. 

[ mi-kuo I hope you don’t mind this random starter- and sorry. Its probably bad. Just woke up and had zero coffee- ]

           The relatively sunny weather was rather likeable and if it was supposed to be doing something to people clad in black today, taking advantage of its opaqueness to absorb heat, then it had little effect on him. He was clad in an ebony V-neck, jeans, sneakers and a bumbag that contained nothing more than his wallet, song book and headphones. The tealette was focused on something else though. It was a sense of being watched. But, it wasn’t that much of prickly feeling for it fell more on the positive side of the line. He readjusted the strap of his bag and chanced peeks at the directions of east and west— hoping to at least find a hint of the doer. His search was stopped though when a familiar voice accompanied a tap on his shoulder and with mild surprise, he turned.

There greeted the sight of
    Hatsune Miku.
               ‘- ——— Though… a different one.

It took him two seconds to absorb her question. It’s been.. what? —Three years ever since a ‘Miku’ called him that and it felt kind of new and slightly.. awkward, to be honest.

"Uh-Yeah, I’m Hatsune Mikuo. But about being your brother… I don’t think I am.."

mi-kuo whispered:
Copycat ;


Send me “Copycat” for my muse doing an impression of yours.

Oh boy, the pancake namer himself- well this would be kinda hard, since he ‘s the male version of Miku, he has a lower voice, lower range etc.
Much more difficult, the blonde tried to adjust herself, as if acting like him identically, folding her arms and trying to ” lower her diagphram” to see if she could get a lower range. (Basically lowering her neck for a deeper voice but- cooler-ly named. )

❝ Yo- pancakes- my nickname for you is pretty dumb
                          just like myself huh?                                                   
                                                       you’re actually super cool and electric guitar is super sick.

     … Wow.

You nailed it. NOT.

ᴘʀᴀᴄᴛɪᴄᴇ [Closed RP with @Mi-kuo]



  “ R-right…jeez they argue worse than the twins… Yea-yeah I’m Kagamine Rin! It’s nice too meet you…I’m not pancakes. “

She huffed, pancakes was a very strange nickname for Rin, her nicknames would normally be associate with her first and or last name, instead of just a random food. 
He could have called her something else, like butterscotch, yeah just as somewhat humiliating. Clearing her throat, facing dee while back was straight, trying to put on a more braver voice; less of an angry tone as well, for being called pancakes in front of others.


  “ I was chased in here by a group of weird guys, they’ve been stalking me for the past week or so… one time I came home and I found some of my stuff missing, personal stuff, nothing valuable. Stuff like my work outfit and some cds that were given to me once the album was finished. I think that was them who were chasing me down, the guys who ransacked my apartment…geez Mikuo couldn’t you have at least stabbed them?!? or asked them were my stuff is?…I’m kidding. “ 

She sighed,smiling sadly, it was a hell of a request to ask when he already got rid of them, she couldn’t ask for any more than she was given.

The action performed against her retort was a simple shrug. “Too bad, they’re quite delicious though.” He stepped back and burrowed his palms into his pockets as the blonde actually hinted to comply for the explanation. His eyes skimmed through the other two band mates; Dee’s focus went on full alert when she motioned to face him, and not really expecting that, Enon’s carefree expression faltered a bit too. 

     His gaze lowered to the floor. It’s funny how you notice these humanistic things despite being something..
                                    - —- | un-human. |

     { Naaah. He’s too disagreeable with stuff like that. Aren’t ya, Kuo? } Teal orbs blinked out of trance and he looked appalled at the comment, “What do you mean—” { “Hey, if it’s okay, I’ll be callin’ you Rinny from now on. Good. So, Rinny, you’re welcome to stay here for as long as you wan—” } He was shoved aside by Dee’s palm on his face. [ “Since when did you replace the boss, En?” ] The twenty-three year old then smiled in forgiveness at her. “I’m sorry for the things that happened to you up until now but we’ll have to notify our employer about your situation if you—we—  plan on using this cafe as a temporary hide-out.”

{ “Actually..” } En paused to rub at his nose that got bent when the face-palm was executed. { { “There can be no need for that since she’ll be like a normal customer cuz she wants to see us perform. ” }

At that moment, two mildly surprised string of words came from the other males.
[ “Oh, s’ that so?” ] ||||||||||||||||||||||:  “What did you say?”

He crossed his arms. { “It’s true! C’mon, Rinny, back me up here.” }