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   - {} A long time has passed since the green haired devil left the boy with the azure hair. A long time, where her feet had carried her to different places, a time where she met the most different person- Yet, her ways took the woman back in front of the house from the young boy. For a while, she just stood in front of the door, her heart beating heavy against her chest, before she took a deep breath and finally raised her hand to knock against the door. ––The while after her hand was pulled back, seemed to take forever. But finally, the door was pulled upon, and dark blue eyes blinked up into the familiar face, only making her dry lips curl up into a large smile. “Hey, baby-boy, whats up?”


 … 7:15 AM

After sparing a glance at his bedside alarm, the tealette rose from the comfort of his pillows and hazily ruffled his messy locks. He stared at a far-off space for a minute until he finally swung his feet to land atop the cold morning floor. In one last yawn, he got up and proceeded to the door of the bathroom  across his room for the early everyday routine of brushing, stretching and if possible, dealing with bed hair. Unfortunately, this was one of those days that he shrugged off that possibility though so he simply ran a hand through it a dozen of times before letting it be.

Now for breakfast.

Mikuo was already at the kitchen searching inside cabinets & cupboards for a potential meal when the main entrance revered a knock. He arched up a brow at that. Knocking is something… traditional these days and besides the bell is clearly visible to press so.. why did this person bother for something conservative? As he ambled towards the wooden opening, he jotted a mental list of who this person might be. He even considered it being the one he avoided through all the years.

…—Yet, he still hope not.
           Without bothering to check his slightly wrinkled white shirt & knee-length shorts, he twisted the knob, pulled and was greeted with a familiar green of eyes.
                 And voice. And the over-all appearance of..

"Chika." His tone was more question-like though. Surges of relief replaced his tiny tension of the improbable guess from earlier.

Adjusting to reality of her actually smiling there, nickname ignored, a ghost of smile threatened his lips as he teased back, “What’s up—aside from you disappearing, right?” He stepped to the side thus giving her the pass to enter his space. “Well… mind coming in?”

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☊ EMC Memoir : ‘Bro-fists’ & Coke

Describe the last practical joke you pulled; the participants, the victim, and the props.

Objective: Exchange coffee with coke
Participants:  En(LeadGuitar), Mikuo(Base) and Joben(Keyboard)
Location: Eumelia Music Cafe
To be Victimized: The Boss

| Band’s room- 1:30 pm |

-“So basically, the caffeine will be exchanged with heated coke and will be placed in the normal coffee cup container. With a cover. Boss drinks directly whilst checking the funds so he wont suspect a thing.”

No matter how you look at it, this is impossible. Mikuo crumpled the piece of paper and lazily threw it in the trash bin. He ignored the retorts of En, whom was probably rambling about how he took all night to actually formulate this ‘devious’ plan and lumped himself on the couch. 

"No way. Boss wouldn’t fall for that.." he replied bluntly.

-“You’ll never know!”- En lunged for the couch and sat eagerly beside him. 

"I don’t plan on knowing."

-“Stop being a party pooper, Mikuo… this’ll only happen once! I’m bored out of hell right now!”-

He was right about one thing though. They completely had nothing to do at the moment. Silence enveloped them inside the band’s room until En shattered it to pieces.

-“Joben already said yes. Dee’s not here so I’m waiting for your approval in participating..”- he hooked his arm over the tealette’s shoulder and lashed out a suspicious grin.
-“This is a favor from your senior~”- 

"Really?" He mumbled and shook off his hold. "…Fine then."

En bounced off the couch and stood in front of him with a balled-up fist. Mikuo arched a brow as it whipped a few inches to his direction and paused as if waiting for something. 

-“What’re you waiting for?”-


-“Your fist..”-

The male copied the movement, hand raised with fingers curled in a moderate force he collided his fist with the other. “This is…?”

En laughed. -“As I remember correctly, I haven’t properly congratulated you yet in joining Eumelia. It’s been a week now, right? Since handshakes are too formal, I’m using this. A bro fist. So… awesome job for being accepted, dude!”-

              - ——- So it’s called a ‘bro-fist’. I see.

Tightening his grasp, he did another hit and smirked.



| Eumelia Backstage - 2:30 p.m |


 -“See? Told ya it’ll work.”- En chimed whilst tuning his guitar.